At Fonoteca Lisboa 2005

by Vitor Joaquim, Draftank



Following the previous releases with Simon Fisher Turner and Carlos Zíngaro this new LIVE Series + edition with Nuno Moita as Draftank encompasses 1 long track resulting from one file recording of the concert. The continuous flow is preserved and no performative changes were added to the original.
Recorded live on 01.07.2005 at Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa as part of the Sonic Scope Festival.

The recording was made essentially for future memory and for that reason some tech tweaking was needed, mostly for noise removal, enhancing and EQ.

The idea was very simple: Nuno Moita would play the compact disc player and his signal would be split in two ways: the mixing desk (FOH) and my RME sound card. From there, I could only play with him with "his own sound".
Based on my perception of his aural content, I needed to make choices at two different levels. The first level corresponds to the appropriation process, and it had 4 major steps: choosing what to sample, i.e. when should I hit the rec, when should I hit the stop and where to locate the sample after being recorded.
After every single sample was located, I needed to deal with a second level of choices: what to do with what I had and make that decision while NM was playing, and new "motives" were also claiming to be sampled. In practical terms, my attention needed to be split, all the time, in two completely different operations: appropriation and treatment.
On this concert, I added a few personal sounds in a minimal way, to create some sort of counterpoint to the material produced by NM, but basically 95% of my input was derived from real time processing.

Thank you Nuno Moita for your passion and love for music, and for feeding Sonic Scope during all this time.

Nuno Moita (aka DRAFTANK)
Born in Lisboa in 1970, Nuno Moita is a portuguese sound and visual artist. Experimental electronic music, photography and abstract digital art are his main artistic fields.
He as been playing live since the late nineties, in projects such as Stapletape, Gigantiq, Ghent and solo as Draftank, Stilb and ⌘
He is also a co-founder of the Sonic Scope Festival, the Grain of Sound label and founder of the new electronic music publishing platform Black Hole Time Warp.
+ Draftank info:


released August 3, 2020

Nuno Moita: compact disc player
Vitor Joaquim: CD live sampling & processing, sounds, granular synth
Composed by Nuno Moita, Vitor Joaquim
Mastered by Vitor Joaquim at Xara during July 2020
Cover by Vitor Joaquim
Recorded live at Sonic Scope Festival, Fonoteca Municipal, Lisboa, on 01 July 2005.

(C) Nuno Moita / Vitor Joaquim (SPA)
(P) Vitor Joaquim 2020 |


all rights reserved



Vitor Joaquim Setubal, Portugal

Electronic experimentalist, sound and visual artist. He started performing improvised music and get involved in experimental art by the mid 80's.
Since then, he has created extensively for dance, theater, video, installations and cross media platforms. He is graduated in sound and film directing and has a phd in computer music.
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